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Credits and Acknowledgments
The Merk Mutual Funds would not be what they are without the joint effort of numerous service providers, the media, as well as our internal staff. We would like to thank in particular:

Atlantic Fund Administration, LLC for providing Fund Administration, Transfer Agency and Fund Accounting services; Citi for providing Custody services. They in turn are supported by the Fund’s Chief Compliance Officer, outside legal counsel as well as the auditors to the Funds.

The Board of Trustees to the Funds.

The brokers Merk Investments works with to implement the Funds' investment strategies.

The brokers that make the Funds available to investors.

The Funds' distributor, Foreside Fund Services, that not only facilitates distribution agreements with brokers, but also reviews all marketing and sales literature.

We are grateful to the media covering the Funds (click here for an overview). Merk Investments has excellent relationships with some of the world’s most formidable financial journalists.

We are also thankful to the discussions we engage in with Federal Reserve staff, politicians, leading analysts and economists.