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Press Release: Growing Merk Funds Snatch Fidelity Talent

— As investors embrace the currency asset class, The Authority on Currencies™ leads the way —

PALO ALTO, CA. – June 1, 2011 – Merk Investments LLC, manager of Merk Funds℠ announced today the appointment of Emily Meyer as Vice President of Sales. Prior to joining Merk, Ms. Meyer was Senior Regional Investment Consultant at Fidelity Investments Institutional Services, where her team established Fidelity’s registered investment advisor (RIA) sales team. At Merk, Ms. Meyer will be partnering with registered investment advisors in the Eastern United States. Ms. Meyer holds a B.S. in Human and Organizational Development and Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Bryant University.

“We are very excited to bring Emily Meyer on board. Her experience, energy, professionalism and relationship-focus all resonate well with Team Merk and our clients,” notes Peter Moeller, Director of Distribution at Merk Investments. Ms. Meyer will be reporting to Mr. Moeller, who himself joined Merk earlier this spring.

Moeller’s team is growing in response to the market: “concerns about the U.S. dollar are causing investors to consider diversifying their holdings to other currencies. In addition, currencies have historically exhibited low correlations with traditional asset classes, and as such, may provide diversification benefits and an attractive risk/return profile for investors’ portfolios. The Merk Funds provide investors a way to access the currency asset class and diversify their U.S. dollar holdings,” concludes Moeller.

Merk Investments, with $700 million in assets under management, is the largest mutual fund company focusing exclusively on currencies. The Merk Funds are a suite of transparent no-load currency mutual funds that do not typically employ leverage, consisting of: the Merk Hard Currency Fund℠ (MERKX), the Merk Asian Currency Fund® (MEAFX), and the Merk Absolute Return Currency Fund® (MABFX). The Merk Funds provide investors with the opportunity to add managed currency exposure to their portfolios, which may provide valuable diversification benefits.

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