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Press Release: Merk White Paper Finds Currencies Deliver Enhanced Returns and Risk Protection

— Research by The Authority on Currencies™ urges U.S. investors to protect themselves against overexposure to U.S. Dollar risk —

PALO ALTO, CA. September 8, 2011 – Merk Investments, manager of the Merk Funds, today announced the release of a new White Paper titled, “How Can Investors Protect Against U.S. Dollar Risk?”

The White Paper asserts that, in the current environment, adding portfolio protection against a decline in the U.S. dollar may be of the utmost importance. It cautions that there is a significant risk that the U.S. dollar may continue to weaken, causing a further decline in purchasing power. Furthermore, it points out that protection against inflation and purchasing power deterioration are key investment concerns.

Consequently, the authors beckon that investors may want to consider managing the U.S. dollar risk inherent in their portfolios. The White Paper analyzes several options currently available to investors seeking currency diversification and management, and discusses advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. These alternatives range from listed currency vehicles and international securities, to precious metals, commodities, and currency overlays.

“Based on our research, employing a fully collateralized currency overlay on the S&P 500 Index results in enhanced risk-adjusted returns,” states Kieran Osborne, CFA, Merk’s Director of Research and author of the White Paper. “Forward contracts may allow investors to manage the currency exposure of an asset class or security, while maintaining a fully invested position in that same asset class or security,” concludes Mr. Osborne.

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