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Brokers and Dealers

Shares in the Merk Mutual Funds may be purchased, amongst others, through a variety of brokers and dealers, many of which are listed below. Account minimums and other terms and conditions may apply. Check with your broker or dealer for more complete and current information.

If your broker is not listed below, please ask your broker to inquire whether his or her firm has a distribution agreement in place to offer the Merk Mutual Funds and if yes, whether the firm has enabled trading in the Fund of your choice.

The list below refers to the availability of Investor Shares. For availability of Institutional Shares please click here.

Firm Phone Number Website Comment
AXA Advisors (866) 487-7484  
Barclays (800) BARCLAY  
Citigroup (800) 221-3636  
Crowell (800) 227-0319  
Clearview Corr. Service (800) 852-3357  
Commonwealth Fin. Network (800) 237-0081  
DA Davidson (800) 332-5915  
E-Trade     (800) 387-2331  
Edward Jones (314) 515-2000  
Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. (800) 727-7922 Click here to learn how EuroPacific can help you invest in the Merk Mutual Funds
Ferris Baker Watts/ RBC (800) 236-8872  
Fidelity ** (800) FIDELITY Investor shares available on non-transaction fee platforms
First Southwest Co. (214) 953-4000  
First Clearing (888) 322-2532  
Financial Data Services
FOLIOfn (888) 973-7890  
HSBC (716) 841-2424  
Janney Montgomery Scott (800) 526-6397  
J.J.B. Hilliard Lyons (800) 444-1854  
JP Morgan (800) 776-6061  
Jefferies & Company (212) 284-2300  
Lazard Capital Markets (212) 632-6050  
Legent Clearing  
LPL Financial Services (800) 877-7210  
Merrill Lynch (800) MERRILL Investor shares available on non-transaction fee platforms
Mid Atlantic      
Morgan Keegan (800) 366-7426  
Morgan Stanley (212) 761-4000  
MSCS Financial Services (866) 935-6824  
Meritus Financial Group  
National Financial (800) 801-9942  
Options Xpress (888) 280-8020  
Pension Financial Services (678) 924-8888  
Prudential (800) 225-1852 Investor shares available on non-transaction fee platforms
RBC (800) 236-8872  
Richard Merrill & Peterson (800) 572-5296  
Romano Bros. (847) 866-7700  
Ridge Clearing & Outsourcing (888) 294-5681  
Royal Alliance Associates (800) 821-5100  
Schwab * (866) 232-9890 Investor shares available on non-transaction fee platforms
ScotTrade (800) 619-7283  
Southwest Securities (214) 859-1800  
Sterne Agee & Leach (800) 264-4863  
Stifel Nicolaus (314) 342-2000  
Swiss American Securities (212) 612-8700    
TCAdvisors (303) 705-6000  
TDAmeritrade (800) 454-9272 Investor shares available on non-transaction fee platforms
Vision Financial (800) 248-2646  
Vanguard (877) 662-7447 Investor shares available on non-transaction fee platforms
WFG Investments (800) 225-3650  
Wachovia (800) WACHOVIA  
Wedbush Morgan Securities (213) 688-8000  
Wells Fargo (800) 869-3557  

You may also invest directly with the Fund.

If your broker's firm does not have a distribution agreement with the Fund or has not yet enabled trading for the Fund, encourage your broker to call (866) MERK FUND to learn the steps necessary to establish trading. Alternatively, you may contact us to approach your broker. Your broker will need to know the Fund's ticker symbol which is MERKX for the Merk Hard Currency Fund, MEAFX for the Merk Asian Currency Fund and MABFX for the Merk Absolute Retrun Currency Fund. Transaction fees and restirctions may apply to invest through a broker.


* Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., member of SIPC, receives remuneration from fund companies for record keeping, shareholder services and other administrative services for shares purchased through its Mutual Fund OneSource service. Schwab also may receive remuneration from transaction fee fund companies for certain administrative services.

** Other fees and expenses, including those that apply to a continued investment in the fund, are described in the fund's current prospectus. Fidelity Brokerage Service LLC or its brokerage affiliates may receive remuneration for providing certain recordkeeping or shareholder services to these fund companies. Fidelity reserves the right to change a  transaction fee under certain circumstances for funds otherwise available without paying such a fee to Fidelity. See the commission schedule for complete details. Funds may be removed from the NTF program at any time, please check or contact a representative before making a purchase. Fidelity Brokerage Services, Member NYSE/SIPC.