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Shareholder Frequently Asked Questions

Find more answers in the Fund FAQ:

Can I view my Merk Fund account via the Web site?

Log onto our Web site and select the Account Access feature. Enter your user ID and password to receive access to your account.

How do I change the address on my mutual fund account?

Please call the Fund at (866) MERK FUND and either change your address over the phone, or obtain instructions on what information to put into a written request.

How do I establish Systematic Investments?

Please download the Shareholder Privileges form, fill in the appropriate information, then fax or mail the completed form to us.

How can I add funds to my account?

If you would like to add funds by check, fill out an investment slip from a confirmation or write us a letter containing your instructions. Write your account number on your check (made out, respectively, to either Merk Hard Currency Fund or Merk Asian Currency Fund) and mail us the slip and the check. If you would like to add funds by wire, call us to notify us of your incoming wire and instruct your financial institution to wire your money to us. To add funds via Internet, select the Account Access feature on the Merk Fund Web Site, enter your user ID and password, select the Transaction/Purchase menu option and follow the instructions provided. We will electronically debit your purchase proceeds from the financial institution account identified on your account application.

How do I sell shares from my Merk Fund account?

If you selected the telephone redemption privilege on your account application, please call 1-(866) MERK FUND or (866) 637-5386 and a telephone representative will assist you. You may redeem your shares by wire if your redemption is for $5,000 or more and you did not decline wire redemptions on your account application. Please call as at the telephone number above to request redemption. If the transfer agent receives your request with proper information before the close of the New York Stock Exchange (normally 4:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday), the trade will be effective that day. Otherwise, the trade will be effective the following business day. If you do not have the telephone option, a written request must be submitted. A Signature Guarantee may be required depending upon recent account activity and/or the amount of the redemption requested.

Can I make systematic withdrawals?

Please download the Shareholder Privileges form, fill in the appropriate information, then fax or mail the completed form to us.

Can I establish systematic withdrawals on my Individual Retirement Account?

Yes; however, you should check with your tax advisor to determine any tax implications. Please call 1-(866) MERK FUND or (866) 637-5386 and a telephone representative will assist you.

How do I transfer assets from an IRA account I have with another fund to my Merk Fund account?

Please download the IRA Transfer form, fill in the appropriate information, then fax or mail the completed form to us.

What is a Signature Guarantee and when is it required?

To protect you and the Fund against fraud, signatures on certain requests must have a “signature guarantee.” A signature guarantee verifies the authenticity of your signature. You can obtain a signature guarantee from most banking institutions or securities brokers, but not from a notary public. See the “Selling Shares” section of the prospectus for a list of instances in which a signature guarantee is required. The transfer agent reserves the right to require signature guarantees on all redemptions.

Is there a minimum balance I must keep in my account?

If the value of your account falls below $500 (excluding Qualified Retirement Accounts), the Fund may ask you to increase your balance. If, after 60 days, the account value is still $500 (excluding Qualified Retirement Accounts), the Fund may close your account and send you the proceeds. The Fund will not close your account if it falls below these amounts solely as a result of a reduction in your account’s market value. There are no minimum balance requirements for Qualified Retirement Accounts.

I have an account at a broker. Can I invest through my broker?

The Fund has distribution agreements with a number of dealer firms; please click here for a list of these brokers. Please contact your broker and inquire whether his or her firm has a distribution agreement in place to offer the Merk Funds and if yes, whether the firm has enabled trading in the Fund. If your broker's firm does not have a distribution agreement with the Merk Funds or has not yet enabled trading for the Fund, encourage your broker to call (866) MERK FUND to learn the steps necessary to establish trading. Alternatively, you may contact us to approach your broker. Your broker will need to know the Fund's ticker symbol which is MERKX for the Merk Hard Currency Fund and MEAFX for the Merk Asia Currency Fund. Transaction fees may apply to invest through a broker.

The Fund is available through select non-transaction fee platforms. We are proud to be available through

If you have your assets managed by an investment advisor, please tell him or her about the Merk Funds. Encourage your investment advisor to contact us to learn more about the Funds and how we can be of assistance to investment advisors.

I don't like to give my personal information online. Can I fax or mail my application?

The fastest way to open an account is online; you can still mail a check or instruct your bank to wire money if you do not want to give your banking details online. Alternatively, after having read the prospectus, you may download the application form and fill it in off-line. Follow the instructions on the application form on how to obtain an account number and how to make your initial investment.

I have further questions, can I get more information?

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on this site or in the prospectus, please call (866) MERK FUND or (866) 637-5386.


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